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● Modular cold aggregate feeding system which can synchronization proportional control and adjust automaticly
● Energy-efficient dry heating systems whose heat exchange efficiency reach 90%
● High-strength plate chain bucket elevator system with 0 db mute backstop
● Quick changing and maintenance-free screening system with smart air lead and pressure relief
● High precision weighing system with good stability and automatically error compensation
● High efficiency and large-circulation stereo boiling mixing system with 15% overcapacity redundant design
● Efficient and environmentally friendly bag filter system with emissions Far exceeding the national standards
● Stackedfiller silo with customized items available, reclaimed filler re-using system
● Asphalt supply system with easy and flexible combination and fast installation
● High reliability air system which can continuous working in extreme environment with -15℃-50℃
● Stable and easy operationPC+PLC smart control system with independent intellectual property rights



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