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● Italy SICOMA mixer, good mixing quality and high efficiency.
● International brands pneumatic components, high stability and reliability.
● There are two radial gates under each aggregate hopper, by control the opening and discharging of an aggregate door, to realize high weighing accuracy of aggregate.
● The additives use stainless steel corrosion-resistant pumps, motor frequency regulation; additives high weighing accuracy; the unique additives adding method, could prevent excessive addition.
● Water weighing use rough weighing and precisely weighing, the exit site had pipeline pump, discharge water fast.
● The mixer had dust collecting device, could eliminate dust overflow, and meet the PM2.5 requirement.
● Main electrical components use international brands, high stability and reliability; the whole system use computer control, easy to operate. The control system could realize manual, semi-auto and full auto control.



Large technological development project integrating design, development and sales