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1. Aggregate supply system
Aggregate feeders modularize unit design, fast and easy to installation; aggregate hopper outlet has material shortage alarm, fine aggregate hopper has material shortage alarm and also automatic vibration to ensure material flow smoothly; electronic belt can weigh continuously, motorfrequency conversion speed control, high measurement accuracy; practical belt with skirts edge to keep the data from sensors real and effective, and with higher measurement precision.
2. Filler supply system
Vertical cement silo with pneumatic arch breaking; continuous level meter display in the control room; first transportation and then weighing, electronic spiral scales weighing system to achieve computer closed-loop control; powder stable flow silo to make the cement weighing more stable and reliable.
3. Water supply system
Water tank level control automatically, water level max and min limit alarm, and interlock with the water supply pump; with frequency ration water supply system, with accurate water supply, energy save, reliable work.
4. Mixing system
Double shaft batch typemix, mixing uniformity;none wear-proof plate technology reduces blade wear; mixer blade is made of special wear-resistant material, with long service life; discharge port with receiving hopper, feed inlet with cover, well-sealed fillerinlet makes the operation site clean and environmentally friendly.
5. Finished material transportation system
Compact steep conveyor structure;segmented modular design, easy to disassembly and transport;with a variety of anti-bias measures
6. Finished Mixture Silo
Pneumatic door mechanism, running smoothly, lower error rate;Optimization of storage capacity can not only meet the operating convenience, but also prevent segregation;warehouse wall vibrators prevent corner plot material in discharging
7.Control system
Container type control room, good insulation properties, beautiful appearance, good seal performance, easy and fast to installation and transportation; centralized control PLC, operation language can be customized, manual, semi-auto and fully auto control mode switch freely; one key to boot and shutdown, with error detection and alarm functions; with complete various parameters, real-time report and historical report are easy to print.



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